How to Win a Guy Back

You met the guy of your dreams and things have been really going great between the two of you. You and he are 100% compatible and you are thinking this could really be the permanent relationship you’ve been looking for, when all of a sudden one day—things go completely wrong and the two of you are no longer a couple. Now you’re asking yourself what you can do to win him back.

Often women will start falling in love more deeply with a guy and then notice some changes in their relationship and how a guy will treat her. You and he have been seeing each other a few times a week and then something really painful can happen. You don’t hear from him for two or three weeks. Not a word- no phone calls, texts, email or even comments on your social network profile page. It is as if he has dropped off the face of the earth. He doesn’t return messages or even acknowledge that you’ve been in touch with him. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out what has happened.

The First Question You Need To Ask Yourself:

First you need to ask yourself what made him decide to break up with you. Was it how you acted around him or your attitude towards his friends or even family? Were you taking him for granted?

Minimize your contact with him. If you are co-workers or have mutual friends, then you can’t help but to see him. Pay attention to him only if he makes the first move towards interaction. If you happen to meet in public, be polite, yet keep your distance. Nod, say hello and if he shows any interest, keep your conversation centered general topics and act as if you don’t have a care in the world. Make him wonder. You might also consider doing something that attracted him to you in the first place. Relax and be yourself, don’t overdo. If he doesn’t acknowledge you, then keep walking. Don’t stop him to start a conversation. BUT don’t give him any kind of evil looks either, simply smile and keep walking.

How to Win a Guy Back

Sometimes when a guy breaks up with a girl, she will immediately go into a desperation and panic mode. She may really want to beg and plead in order to really convince the guy that he was making a big mistake. Do NOT do this! This is one of the best ways to push him even further away. Just stay calm and give him some space. Obsessive behavior is not a good thing. No matter how heartbroken you feel your guy is not going to want you back if you show him you are needy, miserable and clingy. You have to show him you are strong. That you can stand alone without him. Don’t give in to the urge to tell him just how much you miss him. This will only turn him off.

Don’t Sit Around and Mope

Get out and get on with living. Don’t sit around and mope. Go hang out with friends. Find ways to keep yourself busy. Going out is a good you forget how upset the breakup has made you. Some of your friends might even have some good advice on how to win your guy back. Guys don’t like women who sit around feeling sorry for themselves.




Besides, if he sees you out in public having fun, he just might wonder what’s up. Just don’t pull the old trick of “accidentally showing up” where you know he likes to hang out and especially don’t bring another guy along to try and make him jealous. He may see you and think you’ve completely moved on and are no longer available.

Don’t become obsessed with constantly showing up where you know he hangs out. Then he may think you’re stalking him and that will definitely reduce your chances of getting back together.

The One Key Thing To Remember

One key thing to remember is to don’t be afraid to let him go. Most likely your break up is only temporary and you have the power to win your guy back. But you have to be strong and believe you’re going to achieve that goal.

Let him contact you about meeting with each other. If he comes to you or calls you, let him set the tone of the meeting. You have to be diplomatic and when you do finally have contact with him, you need to try and engage him in a calm, mature manner and ask him exactly why, if he’s not told you already, he ended your relationship. Let him speak, but don’t let yourself be overrun either. Remember, it is a give and take situation.

Frankly, once you’ve found out what the issue was , you need to work very hard towards resolving that issue. If you and he do get back together, you need to forgive and forget. Don’t hang on to past problems and don’t bring up old news. Move on and move up. Start over again, with a “fresh face” on your relationship. If you two should ever argue, don’t bring up the past.

Remember To Always Be Yourself!

The most important thing to remember is to be yourself. There is definitely a reason or reasons why he was attracted to you in the first place. Think back to your attitude on life in general, your personality-anything that he may have told you was attractive to him. By re-becoming that person he first met and was interested in getting to know better, you pretty much have a guaranteed chance of winning your guy back and making a future together.

Remember, be strong, be yourself and show him that you are most definitely something he doesn’t want to miss out on.